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Well, I've recently discovered that DA has Erotica literature, but I'm not sure if my stories would be suitable to be posted to this place. Granted, you'd have to be 18+ to read it, most of the stories I've read so far on here are done with mild language. Not that I'm not beyond adjusting my stories so that they're with mild language.

We'll just see how I feel about it.

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I am literally overwhelmed with a sense of... joy and fear.

I wake up this morning, and hop on the computer to check my account and my one piece that was created because I was practicing with lighting is now in 5 groups, and swarming with faves.

I really just have to say thank you all for showing me how much you like my work, and a special thanks to #Liliths-Realm, because the recognition wasn't there before I was accepted as a member.

Thank you.
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I have to give pause and admire those of you who work with drawing with just a mouse or a tablet. I'm learning how to treat it as a screen sized canvas, but it's an adjustment to be sure. I took one of my friends drawn anime pictures, right now I'm working on the chest area, and  even though the pic is well drawn, it's hard to make one boob not look larger than the other. I'll eventually get it sorted.

Wish me luck.
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Be on the look out for my new (and first) DA group, TheKoiPond. The group is in pending approval right now, and if it is approved, I hope to start featuring Koi Carp art within it. Doesn't matter the medium or whether the deviation is new or old. If you'd like to feature your Koi fish submission to be admired, feel free.
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Maybe it's the exercise or the stress of my father getting surgery, but my mind has been flying with ideas and taking me by the seat of my pants. In less than 12 hours I had three pieces done. Not tremendous pieces, but to the best of my ability, which is only getting better.

That's all an artist can really ask for. :)

I have a slight problem with Deviant Art now. Before, the images would load, then the ads would. The ads would never be superior to the artwork and now they are. Did DeviantArt change this? Or is it in my browser settings? I don't get why if I decide to do an art search on Deviant Art, or heaven forbid, load someone's gallery, the status bar will show my browser locked up at the ads loading. I understand the fact that websites do not pay for themselves and that most of the time if the ad is not loaded first, the chances of your target audience clicking is unlikely. But really, is it so important that it has to entirely suspend the rest of the page from loading?

Gah. Just venting. I'm not expecting anything to be done about it, but good grief, if they showed commercials the first 5 minutes of showtime before starting the featured movie, I'd turn the channel.
Yea, weird title, my name isn't Virgil, but anyone who's seen The Abyss playing over and over on the movie channels recently might have a clue. *wink*

So, a month and a half ago my computer decided to go belly up and take the motherboard with it. Just my luck, but yesterday for my birthday, after contemplating the many ways to make cash to buy a new computer, my husband had one sitting at the bottom of the steps for me (who says husbands aren't useful? LOL).

It's decent and will work for now until I get one that can handle my artistry. I had over 1200 deviations to look at when I finally got back on here. Sorry to all of you that I watch, but I had to remove them all without going through them. I know all the people I watch lay out some very tremendous work, and feel free to drop me a line if you want me to take a look at your gallery if you have anything new in the last month or so.

In love,
   Musing Star
I finally afforded a drawing tablet and bought one. I've always been good at drawing. Not the best, but that comes with practice. I wish my professor for art was still close by, Bob Kennon. He was really great and really stepped up my artistry talents.

I'll be following the same steps to drawing on the computer like I did with drawing on any other given medium. So I might not actually have any Deviations posted for a while as I am learning.
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I seem to have stumbled upon a creative flow as of late. I was in quite the rut for a while, but now I seemed to have bounced back from it. I'm working with lighting right now, and using stock images. Over time, as I have practiced the everyday techniques, I'm not just beginning to apply them to making realistic photo-manips.

I'll be experimenting a lot more once I get my drawing tablet too. That way my art classes don't go to waste. Lol!

Later everyone!
I know everyone loves their friends. Lord knows so do I. I am also a very shameless flirt when it comes to anyone, but there's never a boundary that gets crossed because my friends know better. Well, one of those boundaries became crossed and it's been difficult dealing with it.

He asked questions, questions that only allowed for the "what ifs" to be thought about and desired. No other friend had ever taken it to that level, and now to be away from him even as a friend is killer (check my gallery for "we'll be okay").

I'm more than capable of rationalizing my friend's emotions and my own again, but I can't do that while he's  away, and the longer I've had to wait, the more it's been festering inside. I'm getting angry, I'm feeling frustrated, I just want the confrontation to squash what became and move forward with however we result.

It's the wait that is making this hard, and I understand he wants me to think on things as much as he is, but my solution came to me on day three.

At least my creative side allowed me to let out my affliction right now so I feel better. I'm sure there's more to come.
It's been a grueling and almost five months since I did anything with my account here. Time to change that. Been getting in a mood to do some wallpapers. So, stay tuned!

Celebrity Line-up: Bruce Willis
Movies: Sin City, Pulp Fiction
Games: Legend of Zelda
Superheroes: Spiderman, Superman

Until I can think of more, that's all for now.
Well, first of all, Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I've been on here for almost two years. I should be doing something with this account, and being that i am in website design, graphic design and photography, it's time to show Deviants what I can do.

Right now, pictures of my cat are getting excellent response. Thank you all for those who take interest, comment, and have favorited. Can't wait to see what you'll do when I show my squirrel pics!

So, you'll see series of mostly nature, animals, sometimes some nudes if I can talk my friends into a few posing sessions.

Most of my pictures will be edited in photoshop, and will be pictures I have taken myself with my digital camera.

Hope to see ya all soon!
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